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The Christian worship service consists of Word and Sacrament. God’s people gather to hear God speaking words of comfort, peace, joy, forgiveness, healing and strength. Then they gather around the altar to share bread and wine, the Body and Blood of Christ given and shed for us sinful people so that we may know Christ’s forgiveness and life. Those are big words and high goals for a group of people gathering on a Sunday morning, but with God present, it happens every week.


For many of us it is hard to imagine the Church without music. Many musicians, both on staff and volunteers, dedicate their talents to making the music both pleasing to our ears and to God each Sunday. Usually it is an organ, one of various choirs, bell choir, with other instruments to supplement the organ that lead our worship.

Americana Worship

Americana worship uses the subtitle: "The cutting edge of liturgical bluegrass." On the first Sunday of each month, musical accompaniment is provided with fiddles, guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass and piano in our Americana worship. It is not precisely bluegrass but is a unique, lively and pleasant sound done to the glory of God as is all music at COR.


dixieland 1.JPG

New Orleans Jazz Worship

New Orleans Jazz style worship service, subtitle: "If Bach had been a Cajun." The Dixieland or jazz music that is heard on the streets of New Orleans is exhilarating und uplifting. Because of those qualities, it supports the Gospel well in our worship. Instruments include trumpet, trombone, clarinet, piano, banjo and upright bass.

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