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Acts: aka, Luke the sequel!

To help you peek behind the curtain at what goes on at our church, Lutherans LOVE to organize. Our leaders (council) have specific jobs and areas to serve and lead - worship, education, member care, outreach, finances… We have a constitution that spells it all out. Charts. Tables. Reports. Yep, all that.

Then read Acts. It seems crazy. Almost chaotic. It begins with the women, the disciples gathered together and afraid. The wind blew. Tongues of fire. Spoiler alert - it was the Holy Spirit. Out they go into the streets to talk about Jesus. Lots of folks sign up.

Through the Spirit, God continues to call some unique characters to help lead this new group of Jesus followers we now call the church. Saul who became Paul, had a past of being an enemy of the church. Philip met a servant from Ethiopia who wanted to learn about Jesus. Peter had matured A LOT, but still had a temper. Women were leaders and had influence in the early church. Believers were put in prison. Paul got the travel bug and took the Jesus message on the road, all the way to Rome.

Any organizational charts in Acts? Constitution or By-laws? Not so much. It was the SPIRIT of God who pulled this frightened bunch, now this global community and keeps us together. I need to be reminded of that. So do our leaders. So do you. The Spirit does some crazy things. But that Spirit holds us all together. Especially now.

A traveler on the WAY,

Pastor Eric

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