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Paul’s Theology

“Theology” kinda sounds grown up and for “church nerds” (yeah, I’m one). It is simply the words we use to talk about God.

The old joke says that Jesus majored in Agriculture. He told stories about seeds, workers on the farm, harvests, bread, and fruit trees. In the ordinary and the everyday, we see God at work.

If Jesus liked talking about the outdoors, Paul sounds like he went to law school.

In Christ we are “Justified.” That is one of Paul’s favorite words. It’s a legal term that means being “acceptable” by the judge. Justified is also an accounting term (Shout out, Ms. Gayle!) It means the numbers that were not lining up now are in balance.

How are we accepted by God? By how good we try to be? How is our relationship with God put in balance? By trying harder?

No. It’s all what Jesus does for us. In Christ we are justified - acceptable and in balance. Then there’s another favorite Paul word. GRACE. God’s love, God’s gift in Jesus, God’s forgiveness that cannot be measured or earned.

Paul’s not trying to be super smart to show off. This grace is something he experienced firsthand. Grace is not something we just talk about. It’s already yours. Share it! God has Avenged the darkness with the Light of Jesus.

Peace (on earth),


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