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John’s Gospel

If John’s gospel were made into a movie (it probably has), but the version I see in my mind is it starts with sweeping scenery from a drone WAAAY high up, maybe even the night sky with narration. John’s Christmas story isn’t like the one’s we know. It starts with the big picture of God, the whole creation, but then it gets really specific, “And the Word became flesh.” That’s Christmas for John. That’s it. God took on skin. God “pitched his tent” in our world and our lives.

And then for the next 20 or so chapters, Jesus does get close in our world. A lot of stories are Jesus meeting folks one-on-one as they struggle with their faith or other burdens (Nicodemus, Woman at the Well, a Blind Man in Jerusalem), and helps them believe.

Jesus in John likes to talk. A LOT. But what’s behind those words? WHO is behind those words? The Word-Made-Flesh, the only Son of God (remember John 3:16?), who hangs out with us never to condemn, but to help us from whatever mess we are in. John 3:17 is pretty cool too. Look it up! Trusting Jesus is a daring thing, but he’ll help you along the way.

Dwelling in the Light, PE

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