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If you ask my daughter Emily what her favorite movie was when she was your age (or even now), she would say Lilo & Stitch. No hesitation. She has always identified with the character of Lilo, who marched to the beat of her own drum, who cared for the well-being of others, and tried to bring a healing presence in her relationships. Hanging out with an alien? Sure, why not?

Luke’s gospel reminds me of those characteristics. Tradition says Luke may have been a Physician. There are a lot of healing stories in Luke, but for Jesus healing was a lot more than curing symptoms. Jesus worked for WHOLENESS and INCLUSION for ALL God’s people. Luke was interested in Jesus’ humanity. Luke tells stories that Jesus needed time away to recharge like we do, Jesus cried tears, and even bled under a time of stress.

Heroes in Luke’s gospel were not like the folks we consider ‘heroes’ today. Luke’s gospel, like Lilo, is a champion of the quiet and the underdog. Mary, a young teenager from a small town, is front and center in the Christmas story. So were the Shepherds, not exactly influencers in their day. A Samaritan, who was hated in that day became the hero because of his compassion for a stranger.

Sometimes we feel like we don’t fit in. Luke’s gospel (“Good News”) reminds us that Jesus’ love, healing, welcome, and a party are always there for you in abundance.

Share the love. Spread the healing.

Pastor Eric

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