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FIRST POST! I see that in the comments section on YouTube or other Social Media. It’s cool to be first to respond to something big. Mark was that person to be the FIRST to put quill to parchment and tell the version he knew. Mark is a favorite gospel because it’s so short. Only 16 chapters, easily read in less than a day. Mark wants to get to what’s really important. The Christmas story is nice and cute. Mark says, “not needed.”

I’ve been preaching a lot of Mark this year. Jesus and his disciples had a busted GPS app. They were ALL OVER the place. But wherever they were, important things happened - lives were healed, outsiders welcomed, hungry were fed, compassion shared. Many times, when Jesus did something big like that, he asked to keep it quiet (for now). Why??? It would not make TOTAL sense until the Cross. That’s kinda hard for us to understand. We like to get the blessings and all the good that Jesus talks about, but he asks us (calls us really) to remember that life also includes some suffering, some betrayal, some pain, but Jesus is with us there, too. See you Sunday.

Peace, Pastor Eric

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