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Welcome to Confirmation Class!

You may be new, you may have been at this for a year or more. Welcome as your story continues to grow and change. You may have a favorite story, movie, YouTube or TikTok creator. You may dream about the perfect trip or adventure. All good stories pull you in, but WHERE they happen is important, too.

We say that God is eternal, without beginning and end (whoa, mind blown!), but an important thing we learn in Bible study, is that God chose to be a part of a place and a time. It’s kinda cool to learn about those places, how they were 2000+ years ago, and what they may be like now. We have folks in our congregation or families who have been to the Holy Land, and how the story of Jesus became more real for them. Even in studying, asking questions, and growing, I hope Jesus becomes more real for you, too.

Ok, what’s below is kinda long (tl;dr), but it gives us an idea of who Jesus was and how he makes a difference for the WHOLE WORLD.

Peace, Pastor Eric

Selections from - ONE SOLITARY LIFE

He was born in an obscure village The child of a peasant woman He grew up in another obscure village Where he worked in a carpenter shop Until he was thirty when public opinion turned against him

He never wrote a book He never held an office He never went to college He never visited a big city He never travelled more than two hundred miles From the place where he was born

His friends ran away One of them denied him He was turned over to his enemies And went through the mockery of a trial He was nailed to a cross between two thieves While dying, his executioners gambled for his clothing The only property he had on earth When he was dead He was laid in a borrowed grave Through the pity of a friend

All the armies that have ever marched All the kings that ever reigned put together Have not affected the life of humankind on earth As powerfully as that ONE SOLITARY LIFE.

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