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Martin Luther

One of the coolest teachers I’ve had as an adult taught history. She was NOT boring. She taught us that every 500 years, for thousands of years now, the world goes through a major change.

500 years ago, Martin Luther was in the middle of a changing world. He changed the way we read and study the Bible. Luther remind us that worship and the Bible need to be in OUR language so we can understand and grow. In his lifetime, the printing press was invented. That helped his message go worldwide. Luther was one of the first people in history to go viral. Luther’s time had a global pandemic, the politics of the day were angry, and folks desired to have their voice heard.

Sound familiar?

500 years later, our world has changed so much in your lifetime. If we want ANY of the world’s information, we reach into our pockets. Influencers come from all walks of life and can bring (positive) messages and change to the world. I hope we listen to those positive voices.

Luther knew his influence carried great power. He wanted to remind the world that Jesus is with us to love us and welcome us. Not to beat us down or condemn us.

One of my favorite viral messages (sure, it could be a tweet), was one about taking a risk for a greater cause, a positive cause. It sounds strange to our ears (ya’ want me to sin? Actually, no), but to have confidence in God’s grace and not be afraid to stand for God’s good in the world.

“Sin boldly (bravely), but believe and rejoice in Christ more boldly, for he is victorious over sin, death, and the world.”

Luther DM’d this to his buddy Philip who struggled with doubt and depression. Pretty cool, right?

A brave sinner for Jesus.

Pastor Eric

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